Libona is bounded on the north by the city of Cagayan de Oro, on the south by the Municipalities of Sumilao and Lantapan, on the west by the Municipality of Baungon, and on the east by the Municipality of Manolo Fortich. It is geographically located at 124 deg. and 39 minutes to 124 deg. 51 minutes and 30 sec. east longitude and 7 minutes to 8 deg. & 25 minutes north latitude.

Libona is one of the 20 municipalities and 2 Cities of the Province of Bukidnon. It is situated in the northern part of the province and is approximately 92 kilometers from Malaybalay, the capital city of Bukidnon. The Municipality can be reached from Cagayan de Oro City the major trade center of Region 10 through a 52 kilometer-route passing Barangay Alae of Manolo Fortich or through a 32-kilomenter road northward passing Barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City.

The Municipality of Libona has a total land area of 37,437.3175 hectares which is 11th largest in terms of area among the 20 municipalities and 2 cities of the province.  Of the 14 barangays, Sil-ipon has the largest area of 7,399.8574 hectares and Crossing has the smallest area of only 708.6440 hectares.  The total Alienable & Disposable land area of Libona is 19,778.7449 hectares and 17658.5726 hectares for the forest/timberland area.  Barangay Sil-ipon has the smallest A & D area compared to Barangay Crossing because a bigger portion of the entire area is forestland where the famous Mt. Kitanglad lies.

Land Classification

Almost 53% of the municipality’s 37,437.3175 hectares land area has been classified as alienable and disposable.  This mostly in the central part of the municipality that has been predominantly devoted for agricultural and commercial crops like pineapple, corn, rice, and etc. Scattered areas in the central and northern part of the municipality is production forest that includes pasture land covering some 11,914.07 hectares while protected forest is pegged at 5,744.50 hectares and found in the southern part.

Slope Classification

With a total land area of 37,374.3175 hectares, 16.34% represents a slope category of 0-3%; 3-8% is 10.76%; 8-15% is 13.65%’ 15-30% is 5.13%; 30-50% is 16.65% and above 50% slope is 37.46%.

It indicates that a vast area of land in the municipality is level to nearly level, while on the other extreme is strongly hilly to mountainous.