Tourism of the Municipality of Libona


Places of Interest

Bubonawan River

A tributary river of the Sil-ipon River, Undilawan River and Buganay River, this important water channel navigates the barangays of Sil-ipon, Capihan, Pongol, Nangka, Kiliog, Kinawe, and Gango of the Municipality of Libona and barangays Imbatug and Pualas of the Municipality of Baungon. At Bobonawan, a waterfall measuring 100 meters high located between Barangay Kiliog and the Poblacion can also be seen. Bubonawan River is Bobonawan Power Corporation-CEPALCO’s water source for hydro power generation.

Mt. Magantol Reforestation Project

Located at Barangay Sil-ipon, Libona, 17 kms from the town proper. From the center of Barangay Sil-ipon, it can be reached crossing the Bobonawan at 1.5 kms. This reforestation project aims to restore the grandeur of nature in this part of the Province whilst providing a venue for sightseeing and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Several varieties of hard wood and fruit trees are planted in the project site.

Libona Municipal Fresh Water Fish Hatchery Nursery


Located at Fabrica, Barangay San Jose, Libona and may be reached through Purok 1 of Barangay Crossing, Agusan Canyon some 200 meters away from the barangay center. Put up in 2002, this fish hatchery provides shelter and development of the fingerlings for fish culture and production; dispersed to farmers at minimal cost. The source of water for the ponds is from a nearby source.

Libona Municipal Tourism Center (River Valley Ranch)

Located at Kala-kala Heights, Poblacion Kiliog, Libona; this is where one can have the highest spot in Libona to view a great part of Libona. Vice-Governor Alex Calingasan and his family donated a one-hectare land from his ranchland which is utilized as a Firing Range within the Tourism Center. At the northwestern part, one can see the lands and landmarks in the barangays tagged as “GKK” by local folks, namely, the barangays Gango, Kiliog, and Kinawe as well as the municipal buildings of Libona and Baungon. At the Southeastern part, one can have an aerial view of the seven (7) barangays, namely Maambong, Silipon, Pongol, Laturan, Capihan, Nangka, and Palabucan.

Bogsok Cave

Located at Sitio Bogsok from where it derived its name, Bogsok Cave is 18 kms from the Poblacion, Libona. Housed by Mt. Tampulong, this cave is known for its rich deposits of guano, an organic fertilizer. The cave is characterized by a wide flat interior, likened to a parking lot that can accommodate five buses! Bogsok Cave is still for further exploration; access to the cave is reputed to be hard, providing a challenge for spelunkers and other cave enthusiasts. It can be reached through a way from the Poblacion via Fields 17 and 18 of the DMPI Plantation.

Kawayanon Falls

Found in Barangay Gango, Libona; Kawayanon Falls is a cascade of cool water amidst a backdrop of natural foliage. The site bids one an invitation to experience nature’s cool beauty.

Sigmatan Falls

Located at Barangay Sil-ipon, Libona; the Sigmatan Falls lies at the head of Libona’s watersystem. It is 22 kms away from the Poblacion; and from the center of Barangay Sil-ipon, it is 8 kms to the Kitanglad mountains.

Lungag Falls

Located at the back of Libona Central School at the Poblacion Libona, some 100 meters away. The water is from a river, which cascades down at 25 feet from a rocky mountain. Maypangi Falls – Located at the back of the Pongol Elementary School of Barangay Pongol, it is 250 meters from Barangay Pongol proper and 12 kms from the Poblacion. It is the favorite swimming site for the townsfolk’s young children, families and friends.